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Acne (Dry) General


Use this collection for dry, mature or acne-prone sensitive skin. Every product in this series of collections is designed to soothe inflammation without disturbing the type of skin that has trouble producing its own oils. This mild version of the Kukui Sunflower Facial lotion helps maintain already healthy skin.in.

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  1. Fennel Purifying Facial Toner (Oily & Dry Acne Facial Toner) 2oz
  2. Kaolin Burdock Masque (Dry Acne Mask) 1.5oz
  3. Bergamot Balancing Cleanser (Dry Acne Cleanser) 2oz
  4. Frankincense Echinacea Facial Oil (Dry Acne Facial Oil) 0.5oz
  5. Kukui Sunflower Facial Lotion (Dry Acne Lotion) 1.5oz


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