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Acne (Dry) Herbal Boost


The Herbal Boost Collection targets the more aggressive forms of dry facial skin as well as irritating acne blemishes. The added Argan oil increases the amount of vitamin E to encourage quicker healing.

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  1. Fennel Purifying Facial Toner (Oily & Dry Acne Facial Toner) 2oz
  2. Kaolin Burdock Masque (Dry Acne Mask) 1.5oz
  3. Bergamot Balancing Cleanser (Dry Acne Cleanser) 2oz
  4. Frankincense Echinacea Facial Oil (Dry Acne Facial Oil) 0.5oz
  5. Kukui Sunflower Facial Lotion with Herbal Boost (Severe Acne Lotion) 1.5oz


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