Learn More About: Probiotics

Eating all the healthy food in the world means nothing if you aren’t able to digest it correctly. Two-thirds of your immune system is actually in the gut, and your digestive system plays an important role in your ability to fend off foreign invaders and stay healthy. Your microbiome naturally has about 50 trillion bacteria floating around at any given time.

Gut bacteria influence your overall health- the physical, mental, and emotional. The microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract act as natural controls for your weight, energy, and nutrition.

Thirty-four million Americans suffer from poor digestion or chronic digestive issues. The way to reverse this issue is to use simple yet effective beneficial bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are live bacterial microorganisms that can be injested to support digestion and fortify the balance of good vs. bad bacteria, especially after antibiotics, which can hack your immune system for six months.

Want to have a healthy digestion?  There are two important ways to “reseed” your gut to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance and to improve metabolism.

  1. Eat naturally fermented foods.  Just a spoonful of certain ones can provide trillions of beneficial bacteria:
  • sauerkraut or pickles. We like the Bubbie’s brand or make your own, as those typically on grocery shelf are pasteurized, which destroys beneficial probiotic bacteria.
  • plain yogurt - Fage Plain Greek 2% please, no sugar bombs! :)
  • kefir – resembles a drinkable yogurt. Check out the Lifeway brand on the yogurt aisle.
  • miso soup -made from fermented soybeans – yum!  You can buy the paste (there are many types – all good!) in an Asian or natural foods market and whisk in a couple of tablespoons to hot water and enjoy.
  • kombucha– the sparkling fermented tea called kombucha!  A fave here at Tuuwa!  Available in the refrigerated natural sections of most grocery stores.  Watch the sugar content. A very good low sugar brand is the Organic Mango Kombucha at Trader Joe's. 
  1. Take a probiotic supplement. Unlike vitamins and other nutritional supplements, probiotics don’t assimilate into your bloodstream.  They have to make their way into your intestines to do their job.
  • So what’s a CFU and how many billion do you need? For adults, a common daily range is between 10 and 20 billion Colony Forming Units if you want to make noticeable improvements for digestion, mood, weight, or to offset the effects of antibiotics.
  • Suggested brands are Renew Life and Garden of Life.

By eating pure, natural, and healthy fermented foods and taking a supplement to support your digestion and sustain your gut flora, you will provide your inside track with the materials it needs to renew and repair itself.