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Clinical Trial - Efficacy Report

Clinical Safety Test - HRIPT Report


The following results are from a recent clinical study conducted by Princeton Consumer Research.

Their conclusions and data are presented below.


Overall, a statistically significant reduction in average discomfort score was observed by the subjects immediately after first use (30.8% decrease in discomfort scores from baseline, p-value = 4.04626E-11), and one week of use (49.6% decrease in pain scores from baseline, p-value = 7.385E-17) (minimum use of three times a day) after 1 week of product use.

After 1 week of use, subjective Self-Perception Assessments of discomfort indicated subjects experienced less frequency of discomfort, experienced less discomfort upon waking and at the end of the day. Eighty-one percent (81%) of subjects stated they noticed an improvement in pain twenty minutes after using the product (p-value < 0.0001). Seventy-seven percent (77%) of subjects stated they noticed an improvement after using the test product for 7 days (p-value < 0.0001). Subjects generally felt less difficulty in their ability to stand up, stand, and work/sit with their pain. Additionally, subjects liked how the test product felt, that it was fast absorbing, and that it was easy to apply and comfortable to use.

Reduced Discomfort Throughout the Study!


  • In this chart, the blue line indicates that all subjects had moderate to severe discomfort prior to the test.
  • The orange line moved to the left as subjects used the test product thus showing a decrease in discomfort immediately after the first use.
  • The yellow line shows overall discomfort reduction after one week of the use.

Discomfort Improvement After One Week!


After the first use, the subjects reported noticeable differennces within seconds. Within 20 minutest, most of the subjects reported great improvements.

Demographic Distribution


All subjects were required to have a discomfort intensity score of moderate to severe to qualify for enrollment in the study. Gender and age breakdown is displayed above

Discomfort Types Before Treatment


Subjects enrolled in the study reported different types of discomfort. The distribution of discomfort type is shown above.