Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m pregnant and I have sensitive skin, will I be able to use this product?

A: Tuuwa products are all natural and contain no harmful active ingredients. They are 100% free of propylene glycol, petroleum derivatives, phthalates or parabens, artificial fragrances, and toxic preservatives. Men and women of all ages from all backgrounds can use our product worry-free! However, since you are pregnant, we would suggest you to ask your doctor before using it.


Q: Is the relief oil safe to use? Will I become addicted to it?

A: Our products are made with 100% natural ingredient and safe to apply on all skin types. Additionally, our relief oil has been clinically tested to have no known side effects. Furthermore, our relief oil with herbal boost can be used as many times as needed each day, anywhere you need! There are no harmful effects with repeated use, and no addictive ingredients such as opioids or cannabinoids!


Q: How effective is the relief oil for pain and muscle ache?

A: In a recent test study by an independent laboratory, 81.1% of the study participants who had discomfort and tension noticed pain reduction within 20 minutes after the first use of the tension relief oil.


Q: Why is your product so much more expensive than other OTC pain ointments like Penetrex, Biofreeze and Bengay?

A: Similar to cannabinoid oils, our relief oil is made with quality, scientifically proven to be effective ingredients, but our tension relief oil is much cheaper than cannabinoid oils.


Q: What if the Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil does not work for me?

A: The Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil is unconditionally guaranteed by Tuuwa, Inc. We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase for all domestic orders.


Q: Does the Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil have any heating or cooling effect?

A: No, it does not have either a heating or cooling effect.


Q: Where is the Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil made?

A: All Tuuwa products are 100% researched, developed, and manufactured in the USA.


Q: Does Tension Relief Oil with Herbal Boost have effects on sports or ordinary physical activities? How do I use it?

A: Yes, it can help to improve the warmup exercises and prevent potential severe soreness and cramps. We recommend people to use it before and after your workout or physical activities on the workout areas and lymph nodes. You will not only enjoy your workout much more and experience the capacity of your workout has increased, but you will also recover much faster from the soreness caused by the intense training and activities.


Q: I don’t have pain or any discomfort, would Tension Relief Oil work with me? A: Definitely! We promote wellness and understand that everyone has their qualities. Tension Relief Oil seeks to maintain, improve, and prevent potential discomfort. By using it on a daily basis, it will enhance your quality and happiness.


Q: I have been working at a desk with a computer all the time and have constant stiffness and tightness in my neck and shoulders stiffness. Can your oil help me?

A: Yes! In a recent clinical study, 81.1% of all participants noticed pain reduction within 20 minutes. The oil can release the discomfort you are experiencing quickly and if used regularly, can allow your neck and shoulders to function normally.


Q: I’m a teacher. I stand a lot. At the end of each day, my feet feel tired. Does Tension Relief Oil help?

A: Over using certain parts of our body can cause fatigue and potentially lead to chronic injuries. We recommend using the oil before you go to work and after coming back home. The tension relief oil can significantly reduce the tiredness of your feet. Using more often such as during break at work can also speed the rate of recovery and release toxins.


Q: My Mother who is 83 years old has arthritis. She not only has difficulties sleeping, but everything else is going south: her energy, her digestion, and even her motivation. Does Tension Relief Oil help those seniors like my mom?

A: Tension Relief Oil has some ingredients that have properties studied by other institutions for anti-inflammation. Thus, the oil can certainly soothe those discomforts caused by arthritis and help your mother to sleep better. Once her sleep is improved, she will be able to recover faster from other symptoms.