Tuuwa: A Natural Alternative to Opiods

Dr. Ned Turner

Amidst the ‘opioid crisis’ that has many people on severe pain medication that is highly addictive, we are searching for the answer to relieve the stress within the body. In many cases people have had their doctors suggest acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Ned Turner, of Memphis TN, had been searching for the cause of pain and had undergone many diagnostic procedures that succeeded in not finding the cause of his pain. His doctor resorted to opioids to relieve his pain. After an appointment with his cardiologist she casually asked him how he was doing and he related his midsection pain and the prognosis of opioids. She suggested he try acupuncture; he got an appointment with Dr. Mark Xu for the next day. The treatments eased his situation, and the Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil and Lotion eased him to the point that he didn’t need the opioids any longer.

Fibromyalgia plagued Paula Phillip, also of Memphis TN, to the point that her husband helped her dress, pick up items, the cooking and cleaning. Strong medication with side effects of double vision, trouble walking, and thoughts of death put her at her wit’s end. Her daughter in law suggested she try acupuncture. Dr. Xu suggested that with the acupuncture she try the Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil and Lotion. “I am very happy to say I take no drugs, just do acupuncture and apply Tuuwa.”

How do an oil and lotion, paired with acupuncture change lives of patients? Dr. Xu credits his family’s ancient traditions, “… (my family) has a lot of proprietary formulas, however, after I researched Ayurveda and Native American medicine, I decided to combine them to make a better formula.”

Ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurveda (medical practices from ancient India) and Native American medicine, specifically from the Hopi tribe, have captured the attention of the medical profession throughout the world. Various medical research has been done on the effects of acupuncture and the herbs and treatments of the ancient world. In some cases, there has been marginal effects found; in other cases, the effects were broader. Regardless, it is impressive that ancient medicines are coming under modern research after years of modern medicine producing harsh medicines with many side effects.

Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil and Tension Relief Lotion (for Him and for Her) combine the best of the ancient world to bring the modern world simple relief. The woodsy aroma is comforting, and fades quickly. However, the medicinal value does not fade quickly. The Relief Lotion is formulated for the specific gender of the user, Dr. Xu clarifies, “Chinese medicine always focuses on the individual to seek the most effective treatment. Since the physiological makeup of men is different from women, we try to cater to each gender. This is reflected in the different ingredient compositions.” The Relief Oil does not have the unique compositions, simply to make it easier for use. The Lotion and the Oil combined provide the best coverage for tension relief for the patient.

Tuuwa is 100% natural, and therefore is formulated for all skin types; even skin types with various conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and more. Simply making the lotion and/or oil a part of one’s daily routine with assist with Tension Relief within the body. Along with other side effects that one perhaps wouldn’t think about; a sunburn was treated without thought to directly apply to the sunburn and the untreated sunburn began to peel while the treated area never peeled. The lotion and oil are endless in what they can do for one’s relief, as well as regular skin care for the body. One patient applied the lotion and oil to the jawline to see if it would rest a toothache; he was pleasantly surprised as the toothache subsided enough to no longer need an over the counter pain killer.

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