Tuuwa Distributor Registration

Tuuwa Distributor Pricing

Dear wholesaler,

We are reaching out to you as you are a customer of Tuuwa, Inc.

We are in the process of complying with US State Sales tax requirements and want to make sure that all our customers that are State sales tax exempt are not charged State sales tax when purchasing from Tuuwa, Inc. We also want to ensure that any past transactions with our customers are tax compliant.

We are kindly requesting that if you are a State sales tax exempt entity, that you send us your certificate outlining your exemption. Typically, this is a State Resale Certificate (Note: this is not a Seller’s Permit or Business License).

To get all the details on how to acquire a Resale Certificate in all the states as well as general information about Resale Certificates, click on the link below:

How to Get a Sales Tax Resale Certificate in Each State

You can scan and send your certificate to info@tuuwa.com. We will review and get back to you if there are any issues.

Thank you for your support on this matter.


The Tuuwa Team